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If you want incisive, direct and compelling English language content, that captures the attention of consumers and helps brands express themselves more powerfully, I'm your writer.


WER ich bin

I was a journalist in Australia but got lured into advertising. I won some awards there and then relocated to London, where I worked in some famous agencies,

and won some more awards. Then I moved to Germany.

Luckily I've worked at some great agencies, with some exceptional clients on brands like Zeiss, Montblanc, Lufthansa, Milka, Siemens, Bosch and BMW.

I've written copy for sportswear, automotive, beauty, FMCG, corporate, hardware, software, high-tech and fin-tech. Amongst others.


What do I write? How about long copy, short copy, above, below and through the line, B2B, B2C, direct mail, social content, radio and TV, analogue and digital. I've also written blog content. And done some corporate publishing. And I've loved doing it. 

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