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I'm often asked if I can recommend other creatives. I can. 

Here are some great creatives I've worked with and how to connect with them. Check them out.


KARIN LANGE is possibly one of the most accomplished art directors I've had the good fortune to work with. We have created some stunning work, including the Quantum work you can see in my portfolio.

However, if you'd like to see why I totally recommend her, and one of the reasons she has been awarded the Herb Lubalin Medal of Typography, simply have a look at her Design Intelligence website –

Zeichenfläche 1-100.jpg
Alexandra Rozbroj is one of the most professional German copywriters I know. She has loads of experience writing directly for B2B clients in the energy industry, financial services, fashion, automotive and construction machinery. Amongst others.

She can write anything. She's also a great editor, which is useful if you have German copy that needs proofreading. Check out her portfolio

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