I'm a freelance copywriter and creative director, and I write incisive, direct and compelling English language content, that captures the attention of consumers and helps brands express themselves more powerfully.

If you need fluent, forcible, elegant and persuasive copy with the power to express strong emotions in striking and appropriate language, I can write it.

I write words that create demand for products and services. I help agencies, brands and entrepreneurs to stand out and build their businesses. I write copy and content for advertising, websites, brochures, presentations, packaging, brand experience, scripts, SEO and creative treatments for TV and online content.

I also work for many German agencies and clients adapting original German text into correct, convincing, credible and effective English copy.

"Sie können mich auf deutsch briefen – gar kein Problem. Wenn Sie also einen wirklich guten, englischen Texter brauchen, rufen Sie einfach an! (+44-7783-106205) Ich freue mich, auch mal wieder Deutsch zu sprechen.

Mail geht natürlich auch: richard_laurence@mac.com"

The naked English Texter